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Consulting Services


A 360 View of your business – Deep dive into your business and understand what happened and why did it happen

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Answer questions like:

  • Who are your best customers?
  • Best employees?
  • What do they like?
  • How did an event impact your performance?

l We master discovery and hypothesis-driven approaches to get answers to the most sought-after questions.

Optimize and Predict

Use data science and AI to predict and optimize decisions in your Business.

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Answer questions like:

  • How are sales going to be next month?
  • Is a customer going to churn?
  • Could you predict the inventory shortage?

l We design a practical solution and utilize advanced DS and AI techniques to help you meet your goals.

Process Transformation

Apply data science to reinvent your processes

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Answer questions like:

  • How can you build and data driven recruitment process to hire the best fit to diverse roles?

  • How can you design personalized marketing strategy based on consumer preferences?

  • How can you employ a data driven strategy to building smart products?

l We help you evaluate your process end to end and design smart tools that transform your process pipeline and help you do better.

Product Services

Insight decision tools

BI tools to fit in your process and help you track performance and plan business better.

AI driven Web/Mobile App development

Leverage data science to enhance products, build POC or MVP to deliver superior value to your business and customers

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