Employee potential: Predicting potential of Employees based on their profile and performance

Business Context

One of the largest conglomerate in India wanted to assess the potential of its employees to tailor engagement

Key Questions

  • Who are the HiPotential Employees?
  • Can we identify the factors that drive potential?
  • Can we use them to predict?

Impact Created

  • Saved 15,000 man hours or over $ 600k dollars spent in identifying high potential of employees
  • Built predictive engine to estimate the potential of employees based their profile and performance to enhance decision
  • making and enable engagement and retention of high potential employees

Solution Design

  • Variable identification and selection
  • Solutioning
  • Output

Solutions Design:

Variable identification and selection:

  1. Employee Demography
  2. Employee experience
  3. Academics
  4. Recent Performance
  5. LnD involvement

Solutioning: Solutions Traits

  • Level Of Solution: At Employee
  • Time period: One year
  • Technique: SVM, Random forest
  • Validation: Cross Validation


Tags: HR | IT